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Publishing Opportunity, Inquire Within.
free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free free is a co-operational website of travel information and communities.  Unbiased recommendations on where to stay and eat, as well as suggestions for activities are the core of the information.  Chat events, mailing lists and bulletin boards are the building blocks of the communities here.   Escapist Travel Magazine will highlight current work from the writers herein. is offering the opportunity for selected people and/or groups to publish their own travel information and create communities on this site for *free*.   There are many ways to profit from this opportunity as well (book sales, advertisers, sponsors, etc).  You may also publicize another web site you might have, either of similar information, or for just about anything you wish (we reserve the right to deny you this option if we feel the content of the site is questionable, in our opinion, however).

Here's the deal:


  • Have specific information/recommendations (mostly, where to stay, eat, and what to do) for travelers (including, but not limited to, those on a budget) to an agreed upon area you either live in or visit on a regular basis.   You're expected to keep information reasonably current. 
  • Keep 100% of the revenue of the advertising/sponsorship that you produce for your pages. 
  • Have Internet access to be able to post your information, and a machine in which to work with the pages. 
  • Agree not to place advertising for, or pander to:  food establishments, lodging facilities, or any other types of services or establishments later deemed by as inappropriate. will not condone questionable content presented in poor taste (example: adult content or advertisement).  Information posted which is solely to benefit (or pander to) one or more travel agents will not be tolerated.  This is supposed to be an irreverent guide for travelers, with honest, opinionated comments.  No exceptions.
  • Agree that although you are the copyright owner, is permitted to have your work posted here.
  • Agree that you are an independent contractor, and not an employee of Q87 International or  
  • Agree to exclusive use of our website partners (many chosen by the group as a whole).  Use of organizations and/or services that could be deemed as competitors will not be permitted.
  • Agree not to use the site or the server of our service provider as a means for you to conduct other enterprises or ventures [unless written approval has been secured in advance] or for any other activity deemed by Q87 International as illicit or inappropriate.  Because of the access to the system you'll be given, you agree to be a responsible member of the community and will not partake in any destructive or invasive action, or activity.  You agree that if, in the opinion of Q87 International, its employees and/or agents, you've violated this provision, your access to the system will cease and you will have no right to/for recourse.
  • Agree that and it's service provider(s) will not be held responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise, interruption in service, or other inconvenience incurred.
  • Agree to be bound by any future addenums to these guidelines and the User Guidelines. will:

  • Provide you the ability to post information for your area on our Web provider's server(s) in a directory (sub-web) of
  • Reserve the right to limit you to 2 advertisements/sponsors per page if you cannot maintain a greater amount in a tasteful, uncluttered manner.  We also reserve the right to limit the size of said advertising/sponsorship on your page(s) to sizes established by the Internet Advertising Bureau.
  • Add your area to the contents (home) page of  If you create regular travel articles for your site, we'll drive more traffic to your pages by way of Escapist Travel Magazine from the home page.
  • Give you access to detailed traffic/visitor reports for your pages.  Use of "hit counters" is not necessary and you are advised not to do so.  Let's keep our information proprietary.
  • Maintain a mailing list for the group of writers to use as a means of cross-communication amongst one another.  It should prove useful as an idea-exchange.
  • Negotiate for larger advertising opportunities, as applicable in the future, across the entire site.  We would thus share in benefits in a mutually acceptable arrangement.
  • Allow more than one group/person to cover the same (similar, or a crossover) area, if desired, in separate directories on  We do not wish to keep contributors away that can productively work within our guidelines here.  Competition is welcome, and probably beneficial to both groups/persons anyway.
  • Not waste time with abusive partners/members/writers/whiners.  Please be considerate, or we will choose not to work with you.
  • Help, as time allows us (and that's a "muddy" area), in setting up bookstores, message boards, chat times, and/or mailing lists for your area, if so desired.

If you're ready, or have any questions, let us know. 

Write to:

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