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Windsurfing / Boardsailing

Windsurfing along the peninsula is divided into two categories:  wave riding in the Pacific Ocean, and board sailing in the Sea of Cortez. 

Pacific Ocean:

Mostly popular in the summer when winds are most consistent, but works February through October.  Usually looking for a storm swell from the south.  Popular spots include Punta Baja, Santa Rosalillita, Punta Abreojos, and the now infamous Punta San Carlos which Windsurfing Magazine called the best wave sailing spot in the world.   Storm, swell, tide and water temperature information is on the Surfing page.

Sea of Cortez:

The Sea of Cortez side works from November through mid-March. Most of the sailing is done between La Ventana and Los Barriles. Mostly "bump and jump," but with a little exploration one can find sheltered bays with flat water suitable for beginners.  Good indicator of wind is thought to be a substantial rise in the barometric pressure the day before (preceeded by a day or more of high cirrus clouds).

Popular locations:

La Ventana -- Southeast of La Paz, near Los Planes.  Becoming the jewel of sites along the peninsula for sailing.  Fairly unknown until the mid 90's, La Ventana probably offers the most consistent wind of any Baja location.

Los Barilles -- The most popular board sailing destination in Baja California by far.  Many here are unaware that other quality sailing locations exist.  Fairly reliable wind.

Cabo Pulmo -- Swell here is bigger than Los Barriles in a north-wind, and more rideable, but there does not seem to be a good wave sailing break (relative to the west coast).  More for the advanced rider.

Punta Chivato --  Both flat water and big swell riding here in strong winds.

Bahia de Los Angeles -- Although the water here is a little cooler than the sites further south, L.A. Bay has a small, yet devoted following. 


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