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Todos Santos

Todos is a quaint, beautiful & tropical, by-the-ocean hamlet with a considerable amount of colonial Mexican architecture and lots of wonderful bougainvillea all around.   The area's now starting to be overrun by the anti-Cabo contingent, and the demand for property here has steadily increased since 1993 (for a while, it seemed as though almost every local Mexican family has 'for sale' signs up in their front yards because of the influx of American/Canadian dollars). There are signs that the demand has leveled off now though. 

Todos Santos, one of the original locations of a Jesuit Mission, later became a center for sugarcane production, but today has become quite the artist colony (since the late 1980's).  People are now starting to view Todos Santos as their primary destination in Baja, and not as a roadside-stop on the way to Cabo San Lucas.  Excellent surfing beaches are to the south of town (and one or two to the north).

Places to stay:

Hotel California -- Presently CLOSED, with no expectation to open again anytime soon.  This is the reputed "Hotel California" that the band the "Eagles" sang about. Don Henley was supposedly a partner back in the days when it was still a dirt road into town, and rooms were $2 a night. True or not, this is what everyone seems to want to believe, so why shouldn't you as well?  (btw... Don Henley refutes any connection to the place).  (114)50002.   Moderate

Las Casitas Bed & Breakfast -- Four rooms, each very unique (one room has its own private shower, the other three rooms share two showers). Owner Wendy Faith is a creative wiz, and the rooms that she's renovated speak for her colorful ideas. The food and atmosphere here are excellent. Prices have increased over the past few years though, and it's not the value it once was.  (114)50255 Moderate

Todos Santos Inn -- Reopened in a new location recently, the TSI is luxury-minded. Plush towels, nicely furnished rooms, and fancy breakfasts served on the terrace are what to expect. (114)50340  Moderate to Deluxe

Hotel Hacienda -- 

Garden Casita -- 

Las Palmas Casitas -- 

Hotel Miramar -- A bit away from the center of town, the rates here are a great value for the area and the facility.  Rooms on the upper balcony have a distant view of the ocean.  Off-street parking (not that it's a big worry in this area).  (114)50341   Ultra-Budget

Places to eat:

For inexpensive options, there are excellent small vendors near the plaza, including Loncheria Karla, and Pilar's Famous Fish Taco's.  Also:

Cafe Santa F� -- A "known" spot now for years.  One of the best restaurants in the entire Cape area.  Northern Italian is the cuisine (pizza/pasta), fresh are the ingredients, and classy is the atmosphere.  (114)50340  Moderate to Deluxe

Caff� Todos Santos -- An excellent coffeehouse, with deli sandwiches and more traditional mexican dishes as well.  The local gringo contingent often tends to congregate here.  Budget to Moderate

Restaurant de Carlos (El Pariente) --  Excellent seafood restaurant also serves a breakfast menu as well.  Right on the highway towards the north/east side of town.   Budget

Things to do:

Visit the recently moved Todos Santos Cultural Center (Casa de Cultura), just up the street from the Hotel California in a prominent looking building across from the bank.   You'll find many old pictures of missions of the peninsula as well as photographs of old and present Todos Santos.  Other artifacts such as Indian artifacts and regional handicrafts are also on display.  Admission is free, but donations are accepted.

Watch the fisherman returning in the afternoon to the beach at Punta Lobos. To make it back onto the beach and not get caught in the shore break, the fisherman ride the crest of the wave all the way to shore and up onto the beach is a spray of sand. A friendly beer to the locals may yield you some of the local seafood as fresh as it comes.

Enjoy the food to be found here. You'll likely run across somebody who lives in the area that'll share with you their own trials and tribulations of the area as well while in search of, or enjoying the local cuisine (and "flavor" of town). 

Enjoy the shopping in the art shops here.  Extremely unique.  El Tecolote Bookstore, recently expanded,  is known for quality offerings and a very informative and friendly owner (Janet).

Explore beaches north of town. The beach extends for 70 some-odd miles to Punta Conejo.

Explore the areas/beaches south of town. Playa San Pedrito (palm beach) no longer allows camping (Wanna cry?  Here's why), just day-visitors, and is recommended as it's a beautiful palm beach (don't be confused with San Pedrito R.V. park on Playa San *Pedro*). Lots of good surfing to be had in the area south of town as well.

If you happen to be in the area in late April or early May, ask around town about the date of the "molienda" which takes place at Rancho San Venancio.  This is the experience of watching the cane milling that used to take place in the area on a larger scale a hundred years ago. 

The mountains to the East (Sierra de la Laguna) are a backcountry hiker's paradise.



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