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This is a fairly basic rundown of the more well-known areas for surfing along the peninsula. You'll have to go scout your own small point breaks where you can find them (and they do exist). I wouldn't be a surfer if I told you everything, now, would I? Some helpful links are included at the bottom of the page.  Here's what you basically need to know:

Baja Malibu to La Fonda/La Misi�n -- This area starting just north of Rosarito, and extending out approximately 20 miles south is well known for excellent surfing locations all along here.

San Miguel -- Located by the third toll-booth on the drive to Ensenada. Right point break. Sometimes it's a bit crowded on weekends. Todos Santos Islands are 12 miles offshore here, and are known for some of the largest waves along the Pacific Coast. I haven't been out to Todos here, but heard you can judge the wave size by the size at San Miguel fairly consistently. The formula? Take the size at San Miguel, double it, then add 6-8 feet. The first professional tour competition ever held at Todos Santos Islands (during the '97/'98 El Ni�o) took place in waves as large as 40' high.

Santa Rosalillita -- This fish-camp, with "The Wall" to the south, and Puntas: San Andres, Negra (Prieta), Maria, and Cono stretching out as far north as 30 kilometers along the coast, makes it a safe bet to find something surfable just about all year round.

Punta Abreojos -- A small fishing town, cannery, military barracks, "store," and waves. There are several breaks on this peninsula. The reefs are on the east side and are open to all south swells. The west side is open beach break and looks to pick up most everything. Most surf the east side. It's weird, the sun comes up over the ocean and sets over land. You are so far out on the point, feels like you are on an island or the right coast.  (Description: Dale Widmer, aka: "Bonzer")

San Juanico -- You either know (and go), or you don't. As a clothing company's slogan states --  alluding to the place, "out there, mas fina."

Punta El Conejo -- Off the highway around km. 80-81, south of Constituci�n on the way to La Paz. Point here picks up swell from just about any direction. South of Conejo there's beach break all the way to Todos Santos.

Todos Santos -- This area boasts numerous breaks, mostly to the south of town, on the way to Cabo San Lucas. Playa San Pedrito, and Playa Los Cerritos are two of the better known spots in this direction.  To the north is La Pastora.

Los Cabos -- Mostly looking for a south swell in this area (usually in the summertime). Best spots to start finding are "Monuments" just outside Cabo San Lucas, and Zipper's at Km. 29, just before San Jos� del Cabo (and right across the street from the infamous "Costa Azul" surfshop. Proprietor: Alex).


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