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Douglas Means -- Editor. |

Born in Los Angeles, raised and presently residing in San Diego, CA (after stints in: Scottsdale, AZ; Boulder, CO; and Orange County, CA), and having traveled extensively throughout Baja California, M�xico, Doug's setting out with one goal in mind: letting people know where to begin when planning their own adventures in these areas. If you were wondering, Doug tends to heavily favor people, establishments, and experiences that he feels enrichen our lives, even if only for simplistic reasons, as it's often the simple things we need to remember in our now-hectic lifestyles. He'll try and share stories about the more unusual encounters he has along the way here as well.

bahsmall.gif (5833 bytes) Brent Hammond -- System Administrator. |

Brent is the man responsible to keep this database safe, secure, and available for you 24 hours a day. Okay, he does shut it down for maintenance at times, but tries to keep it to a minimum. Brent's like a football lineman (guard in high school if I'm not mistaken... right Brent?), he's the strength that keeps this site running, but gets little, if any of, the glory. 

Michelle Claydon -- General Manager. |

Michelle's presently in charge of the home-office staff in San Diego, CA.

wpe11939.gif (69425 bytes) Zachary Hammond -- Abstract R&D. |

Zack's busily working on new designs... at least that's what he's telling us (we think) at this point. He does draw some mean designs on the dinner table with his food though.

Nichole Larrabee -- Design Assistant. |

Nichole's on a steep learning curve, and seriously hopes to earn more responsibility in the design and maintenance of this site. She may also attempt to contribute her own stories to this site, adding a little different perspective on things.

Jonathan Larrabee -- Photographer. | email

Look for photographic contributions occasionally from Jon.

Andrew Claydon -- Sales. | email

Andrew's got a long way to go before he's taken seriously. Maybe when he's 50.

Nicole Smith -- Sales Assistant. | email

Nicole's got a lot to learn, but with Andrew's assistance, we believe anything's possible (and we're scared!).

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