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Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosal�a

Copper-bearing deposits called "boleos" were discovered near here in 1868.   In 1885 a French mining concern calling itself "El Boleo" acquired the mineral rights here from the government for 99 years.  The French influence here is unmistakable, especially in the area's architecture.  The local pre-fabricated church was designed by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, of Eiffel Tower fame).  The old mining building still stand in disrepair, and it's possible the local authorities are working on making them into a tourist "attraction," which could possibly be a great idea with significant local impact.  Most travelers, except for those catching the ferry to Guaymas out of here, tend to drive right by Santa Rosal�a without thinking twice about it.  I know I used to, but I never will again.  The people here offer tremendous hospitality, and is part of what makes it a wonderful city to visit.  For more ferry information, click here.

Places to stay:

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Hotel Blanco y Negro -- On Av. Sarabia at Calle 3.  Rooms are fairly clean, and hot water is fairly reliable.  Some have shared baths while others have a private bath.   One room on the bottom has 3 (single) beds, private bath, t.v., and a/c.  The proprietors here are very nice folks.  115.20080.  Ultra-Budget

Hotel Minas de Santa Rosal�a -- On Av. Constituci�n at about Calle 9 (or 10?).  Twelve fairly spacious and quite clean upstairs rooms with two double beds.  Hot water, tile showers, a/c, large t.v.'s, and small outside balconies (I think each room has a balcony anyway).  It's nothing super special, but it's very clean and won't leave you claustrophobic. 115.20142  Budget

Hotel Frances -- Restored in the past few years, this is certainly one of the nicest among choices of where to stay in town.  A peek into the hotel's lobby area (and maybe a stop for lunch in the restaurant) are well worth the side-trip alone.  You'll feel as though you've entered another world, and you have.  Lots of historical pictures and mining information here as well (a sign on the entryway in Mar/2000 states non-guests must pay US$1 to view the premises).  The 17 rooms have a/c and t.v.   There is a swimming pool here as well.  115.22052.  Budget

Hotel El Industrial -- On the highway just to the north side of the roads leading from the highway into town.  14 very clean rooms, all with only 1 bed and a/c.  Budget

Hotel El Morro -- On the highway to the south of town.  It's not a convenient spot to walk into town from, but offers a pretty darn nice facility right on the water.   Rooms are well worn, but clean.  Most rooms overlook the Cortez here (don't expect white sand beaches in this area), and there are a few single rooms in back that cost about $5 less than those fronting the Sea.  Walk-in tile showers (I really like it when I find this) and if I'm not mistaken, there was a/c in each room also.   Parking is easy in the large tropical courtyard surrounded by palm trees and bougainvillea.  Under the same ownership as the Hotel El Morro in Guerrero Negro.  115.20414  Budget

Motel 6 -- On Calle 6, a block south of the road leading into town from the highway.  Another inexpensive choice in town.  Up a tight staircase and surrounding a narrow hallway are a handful of basic, small, but clean rooms with new a/c units and private baths.   Beds are mattresses set upon concrete slabs.  Ultra-Budget

Places to eat:

Cenadur�a Gaby -- Competent menu of chicken/fish/steak and a good breakfast menu to boot.  On Calle 5 a block *north* of Obreg�n.  Ultra-Budget

Taqueria Pepe's -- A seafood and taco stand located on Av. Obreg�n right as you enter town.   Excellent fish tacos, some of the best I've tasted in all of the peninsula.   Open until midnight (during the week in busier winter months) as well.  BYOB.  Ultra-Budget

El Muelle -- Just opened in town (mid-'98), and located on Constituci�n (one block south of the main street leading into town) & Calle Plaza.  Quite nice dining atmosphere, a little more "modern" than the rest of town.  Menu includes breakfast items, seafood, meat & poultry choices.  Breakfast items include your choice of tortillas or French bread (hey, only in Santa Rosalia!).   Friendly staff as well.  Open 8am-11pm.  Budget

Terco's Pollitos -- Known for good chicken, they also have fish & meat selections as well.  Located right as you enter town on the right, just beyond Pepe's taco stand.   Budget

Things to do:

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Iglesia Santa B�rbara -- Worth a visit.  Designed in 1884 and built in 1887 by French architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, the man who designed the Eiffel Tower).   This exact church was used as a prototype by Eiffel for France to use in their tropical colonies worldwide, and was displayed at the 1889 World Fair in Paris.  It was shipped, piece-by-piece, to Santa Rosal�a in 1895 and reassembled by 1897.   Besides two side-wings added afterwards, the structure itself is entirely galvanized iron.

Panader�a El Boleo -- Reputed to make the best bread on the peninsula (you don't think it's the French influence do you?  Naaaaah.).  Lines can typically stretch out the door.  Worth a look.

Mesa Francia -- The central part of town offers glimpses of French architecture, but it's not like visiting the mesa on the north side of town where the French management officials used to live.  The Hotel Frances is up here as well.

Mahatma Gandhi Library -- On display are many historic photographs from the mining days.

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