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Muleg� -- Bah�a Concepci�n

The first town you'll reach on a trip driving south with an absolute tropical-feel to it.   Muleg� offers a very "tranquilo" attitude, and intimate setting in an old Mission town. One of the first roads in Baja was a Mission road from here to Loreto in the 1700's. Many North Americans are now deciding to call Muleg� home. This is likely to be the next town even more overrun with gringos looking for an inexpensive place to purchase their own private get-away.

Places to stay :

Hotel Hacienda -- The ownership, which had changed often over the last few years, now finally seems set.  Usually still in stages of being upgraded, this location offers a lovely, colorful and airy courtyard where guests tend to congregate and relax late in the day.  Rooms are quite clean and likely to be the best found in the middle of town.   Prices are negotiable for stays of 4 nights or more.  115.30021 (800-464-8888 in U.S.A.)  Budget

Las Casitas Hotel -- The former home of Mexican poet Vicente Gorosave, it now has a restaurant with classy, tropical ambiance up front.  Unfortunately, the rooms in back are a little worn, dark and drab.  The place is still popular and the prices are right... which sometimes makes it difficult to get a room.  115.30019  Ultra-Budget to Budget

Casa de Huespuedes Canett -- The most livable of the choices in this price range, the drawback here is that being across the street from the church, you're awoken at 6a.m. each day.  Bring ear plugs.  Ultra-Ultra-Budget (like $4-6 U.S.)

Hotel Muleg� -- Across from Taqueria Doney's near the Western entrance to town.   Actually one of the better values in town.  Rooms are clean with a/c and hot water.  There are 7 smaller units in the back (and thus quieter), and 3 larger units up front on the street (at street level, and the only sound barrier is the plate glass window.. yes, there are curtains to draw closed).  All the units are the same price.   Also, a novelty for in-town, there's off-street parking here as well, which for many (myself included) this is a big plus.  115.30090  Budget

Hotel Serenidad -- The entrance from the highway to this hotel/resort is a little over a mile south of town.  Mostly a fly-in resort, and many of those pilots take advantage on the weekends of the Saturday pig-roasts.  The rooms here are pleasant and clean.  The grounds here are quite large and peaceful.  It wasn't that way not too long ago, as the local ejido came in and ejected the owners... claiming ownership.   After a prolonged court-battle, the rightful owners (the Johnsons) were awarded their hotel back, albeit in rundown condition (including the air-strip).  Kudos to them for getting things back the way they were (or pretty close).  115.30530  Moderate   

Hotel Playa San Buenaventura -- The only such property on Bah�a Concepci�n (20 miles or so south of Muleg�), which is known more to be a camper's paradise.  Located on its namesake beach, and slightly south of the more popular destinations on this bay, this hotel is quite a find for those wishing to be here and not camp.  The facility is very clean, has extremely comfortable rooms, and plentiful hot water.   Moderate

Places to eat:

Los Equipales -- Probably the "fanciest" location in town. Excellent upstairs location, with a  traditional Mexican ambiance. Strong margaritas (beware). The prices here are high for town, but you get large portions, and the food is excellent and worth every penny.  Located near the Hotel Terrazas, and between Casas de Huespuedes Manuelita and Nachita.  Moderate

Taqueria Doney's -- Near the Western entrance to town.  Popular among locals and tourists alike.  Don't miss it.  (Yes, they serve fish tacos).  Ultra-Budget

Palapa Eduardo's -- A typical well-rounded menu done competently.  Wednesday there's a buffet, and Sunday (surprise!) a Chinese menu.  Budget

Rosario's Patio -- Nice place for a refreshment, cup of coffee, breakfast, and/or possibly a snack or light meal later in the day.  Open 8am-10pm, closed Wednesdays.  Ultra-Budget

Things to do:

Misi�n Santa Rosal�a de Muleg� -- The present building dates back to either 1766 or sometime in the 1770's (conflicting information).   Worth visiting, as it's so easy to get to, but it's not the most breathtaking mission on the peninsula to visit.  Follow the road down towards the river from the plaza.  After you cross the river, hang a right up the hill to the mission.  The picture above was taken from behind the mission looking down on the river.  Great view.

Bah�a Concepci�n -- Some of the most outstanding white-sand beaches to be found on the peninsula, offering visitors excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, bird-watching, sealife-watching (including the occasional dolphin[s]), kayaking, etc., etc.... the bay is a protected area for the marine-life and fishing is prohibited.

Indian Rock Art  -- To the north, two major sites for painted caves (pinturas rupuestres) exist (La Trinidad and San Borjitas).  To see these sites would take-up a considerable portion of one's day, and should be taken into consideration.  Guides can be arranged for in town, or if you can communicate in Spanish, you can make the trip out to the local ranches and make arrangements for a legal guide on your own.  Please remember that it is technically illegal to visit such sites without a properly licensed guide.     --If you're interested in minor, but interesting sites on Bah�a Concepci�n, there are petroglyphs (etched rock) across the highway (a stone's throw) from Playa Burro.  Also, if you follow the highway south from Playa Coyote around the bend to the right, just over the hill, and down to the left are some covered openings at the base of the mountain there.  In one of those openings you can vaguely make out the red painted coyote that this area was named after (droopy ear and all).   Please don't use a flash camera or touch painted surfaces, it really does take a toll on such historic work that is irreplaceable....

Kayaking -- Besides the longer excursions (many people enjoy say, a trip from Muleg� to Loreto over the course of a few days), Bah�a Concepci�n offers many opportunities for exploring.  There are quite a few of those white-sand beaches that cannot be reached by vehicle from the highway, so properly supplied, one could have quite the romantic picnic on such a secluded beach if they so chose to do so.

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