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--Not all roads are included here.--

Mexico 1, the Transpeninsular Highway (Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas--1060 miles):

Tijuana to Ensenada: For travelers just becoming acquainted with the peninsula, the newer toll-highway (1-D) between the two cities is recommended. After crossing into Mexico at the San Ysidro Crossing, get to the right lane, and follow the signs to Rosarito and Ensenada (cuota = toll, libre = free). If you've made the correct turns, you'll soon be skirting along the International Border (and the tall, raggedy fence there) for a few miles. After the hill at the end of this stretch, be sure to make the right turn at the bottom of the other side of the hill. There are three toll-booths along the highway. One located just as you turn south as you head from Tijuana to the coast (by the bullring), another just south of Rosarito, and the third at San Miguel, north of Ensenada. There is an exit/entrance toll-booth located at the Cantamar exit south of Rosarito (as of late-'97, I believe this booth was abandoned as a profitable site to collect tolls at).

Toll at each of the three main booths as of March 19, 2000: Cars: US$2.15, N$20.   The price for larger vehicles, such as RV's, is doubled.

Ensenada & points further south:  The transpeninsular highway is in its best shape in years along most of the peninsula.  Unfortunately, it's also in its worst shape in about 4 years from about 20 miles south of El Rosario to about 35 miles north of Guerrero Negro.  Construction crews are out there though, and conditions will vary week-to-week.  (Mar/2000)

--For information on the highway through Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas (Hwy. 19), see below.--

Mexico 3 (Tecate to Crucero La Trinidad -- near San Felipe):

Tecate to Ensenada: 6/97, Road is in excellent condition.  Quite a bit of traffic.

Ensenada to Crucero La Trinidad:  3/98, Constant pothole vigil is necessary east of Ojos Negros.  The road is washed out in a couple of vados. 

Mexico 5 (Mexicali to San Felipe):

3/98: Surprisingly good condition.  Some construction going on.

Mexico 19 (San Pedro to Cabo San Lucas via Todos Santos):

Mar/2000:  Excellent condition.

Bah�a de los Angeles Road:

9/97: First part of highway from Parador Punta Prieta washed out.  Other washouts still exist as you approach L.A. Bay.  Road has numerous large and deep potholes.   Drive with caution.

La Pur�sima Road (from Cd. Insurgentes):

Mar/2000:  Excellent condition.  A few potholes north of Insurgentes.

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