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Gasoline (Pemex)

Recent prices (Mar/2000):
Magna Sin: N$4.70/liter
Premium: N$5.17/liter

Three fuels available: Magna Sin (M), a regular 87-octane unleaded gasoline (the cheapest 87 octane they can bring in from Los Angeles at any given time) -- in the green pumps; Premium (a claimed 92 octane) in the red pumps (not available in the central peninsula); and Diesel (D) -- in the purple pumps.

Habitually watch that the attendants zero out the pump all the way before they begin dispensing fuel, and always count your change. The newer self-serve stations eliminate some of the problem.

Recommended Pemex stations south of Ensenada for Gasoline [(D) signifies Diesel also]:

Note: The Catavi�a and Parador Punta Prieta stations in the central peninsula are CLOSED!  The Catavi�a La Pinta Hotel gets gas once a week on Tuesdays, has a small amount of storage, and generally is out of fuel by the weekend.  Jesus Maria, north of Guerrero Negro has Diesel (D) fairly reliably, but is often out of Magna Sin (M).  That said, it's a long haul from El Rosario to Guerrero Negro. Make sure you're fueled up for this stretch. If the Catavi�a La Pinta and/or Jesus Maria have gasoline, I strongly suggest you top off your tank(s) (even at both stations).

pemex line.jpg (17984 bytes)Be aware that long lines for fuel are still common in Guerrero Negro and Vizca�no.  This picture was taken in March, 1997.  The line was still this long well after dark, and just after sunrise the next morning (It took over an hour wait).   At least they had gas!

Gasoline is generally available out of barrels in Catavi�a and Bah�a de Los Angeles at an expectedly steep price.

Avoid the station in Santa Rosal�a, as they've historically messed with the meters, and had problems with water in the gas (usually after a rain storm). I've also experienced "cut" gas from the station on Hwy. 19 in Cabo San Lucas.  This can potentially be a major problem if you have no spare fuel filters with you.  I recommend taking filters regardless, as it really is cheap insurance against a somewhat common problem.

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