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Sunrise at Los Frailes

East Cape

Bah�a de los Muertos, Bah�a Palmas, and the Rural Coastal Road.

Destination of fishermen for years, the East Cape is now getting quite a bit of influx of windsurfers and those looking to escape the increasing population density of Los Cabos.   The area boasts 9 all-inclusive "resorts," some in quite secluded areas.   The beaches here are among the best of the whole peninsula, many are private, secluded, and offer opportunities for free camping.

Places to stay:

Hotel Punta Pescadero -- Ten miles north of Los Barriles on a washboard dirt road at the north end of Bah�a Palmas.  Good romantic getaway spot overlooking a slightly rocky but mostly white-sand beach.  Rooms have private terraces, a/c, sea-views and refrigerators.  Some have fireplaces.  All-inclusive.  800-426-2252.  Deluxe

Motel Los Barriles -- Opened in November of 1998.  Not on the water, located on the opposite side of the dirt road that leads to Verdugo's.  20 large rooms with tile bathrooms, hand-painted sinks, and remote-control a/c units.  The use of hard wood adds to the decor considerably (doors, desk and chairs in the rooms).  Very nice pool as well.  114.10024  Moderate

Martin Verdugo's Beach Resort -- Located in Los Barriles, this is an RV park that has built a new small multi-story building with motel rooms and a small pool at the foot of the beautiful beach (rooms have side-view as the building itself is perpendicular to the beach).  Rooms have a/c, and some have kitchenettes.  (114) 10054.   Moderate

Hotel Palmas de Cortez --  Beautiful facility in Los Barriles with the same owners as the Hotel Playa del Sol next door.  Not much of a price difference, and the facility here is much nicer.  Rooms have a/c, some have hammocks outside the front door.  The only nightlife (or what would pass for it) in this area is across the street at Tio Pablo's Bar & Grill.  All-inclusive.  800-368-4334.  Deluxe

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort (formerly Spa Buenavista) -- Beautiful facility in Buena Vista.  The garden and pool areas are a favorite for people who stay here.  The rooms are clean and have a/c, but no sea-view.  The beach here is long, white, and very nice.  Reports are that they're kinda cheesy about spurious charges to fishermen (cleaning, forcing purchase of hotel's beer/soda while fishing, etc.).   All-inclusive.  619-425-1551.  Deluxe

Rancho Leonero -- Excellent location on a white-sand beach south of Los Barriles, but not as far as La Ribera.  Another with a loyal following of visitors.  New rooms under construction in March/2000.  New workout/weight-training palapa here as well.  All-inclusive.  800-696-2164.  Deluxe

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort --  Solar-powered rustic palapa bungalows with fans (nicer then they sound) right off the beach by Cabo Pulmo Reef.  888-99PULMO.  Moderate to Deluxe

Places to eat:

--Most people here are on the all-inclusive, 3 meals-a-day plans of the local resorts.   Not too many options present themselves in these areas, but small mom 'n pop places do exist.  You'll need to scout out your own.--

Tio Pablo's -- Across the street from the Palmas de Cortez in Los Barriles.  A sports bar & grill with a mixed Mexican and American menu.  Budget to Moderate

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Things to do:

Cabo Pulmo --  (pictured above)  A living coral reef just off the coast along the Rural Coastal Road is each year more threatened by the encroachment of development along the coast here.  Excellent diving and snorkeling possibilities, even from shore (you can see the waves breaking over a higher part of the reef in the picture above very close to shore).

Fishing -- Again, this area's well known for world-class fishing opportunities.   Fishing can be arranged through any of the hotel's along the coast here.

Windsurfing -- The area around Los Barriles is known for excellent conditions from November through April.  Launching from the beach tends to not be a problem.

Relaxing on a white sand beach -- Pick the one of your choice.


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