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Getting there:

The San Diego Trolley (I know, it's not a bus, but it is affordable ground transportation) runs from as far North as Old Town San Diego, or even over at San Diego (Qualcomm) Stadium all the way down to the border for around $2U.S.  There is a station to board/disembark/transfer in downtown San Diego as well.  The trolley runs as late as midnight on weekends.

Greyhound Bus Lines (800-231-2222) has a route from downtown San Diego into Tijuana.   The Greyhound route stops in Tijuana at the Tres Estrellas de Oro terminal at Av. Madero and Av. Mexico.  Tres Estrellas de Oro runs buses down the peninsula, and is noted below.  This route used to run a bus through every two hours or less on average almost all day long.  The fare from San Diego to Tijuana is $5U.S. one-way, $8 round-trip.  No checked baggage is allowed. Greyhound also has a bus terminal in Calexico, CA, but does not offer service across the border into Mexicali.

Mexicoach runs buses across the border from San Ysidro to the Tijuana tourist terminal on Av. Revoluci�n from about 9am to 9pm every day.  You can easily catch this bus after disembarking from the trolley mentioned above.  Fare's about US$1.  The route also runs in reverse as well.

Once you're there:

A couple of bus lines from Tijuana to La Paz (about a 25 hour trip, with frequent stops along the way).  There are a few different companies that run from La Paz into the Cape Region.  First-class fare from Tijuana to La Paz is under $50, and about $10 from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.  Reservations are not accepted, and you just need to show up to the terminal to buy your ticket for the next bus.

You'll be able to find buses running from Tijuana to Mexicali (and destinations further inland), Mexicali to San Felipe, and Ensenada to San Felipe as well.  Some of the buses plying the highway to La Paz also make a run over to Bah�a de Los Angeles (I believe once a day, or every other day), as well as a bus from La Pur�sima to Ciudad Constituci�n every day (and vice-versa).

The terminal for these inter-city buses for M�xico are located around the La Mesa community of Tijuana, about 3 miles east of Av. Revoluci�n attractions.

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