Advertising Opportunities:

The travel organization of is actively soliciting support for the site through advertisers. In keeping with the goal of unbiased reporting of hotels, motels, restaurants, etc., this site will not accept advertising from such properties.

Advertisers here are able to, through placement, specifically target the audience they're after. The exposure is entirely measurable, not only quantitatively, but with certain qualitative factors as well. Having a presence on the World Wide Web also allows for the unique ability of the "reader" to instantly access more information from advertisers through the simple feature of "linking." Because of the better targeting, measurable exposure, and instant ability to access further information from the advertiser, this medium is of better quality per exposure than other media placements that aren't able to do such, including: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Certain select firms are sought that wish to achieve alignment with the travel organization. Long-term relationships are the goal, but no extended commitment is required. These opportunities will be limited so that exposure is not lost through saturation.



The organization understands the importance of your advertising to you, and attempts to "undersell and overdeliver." Arrangements for "in-kind" payments are gladly discussed.

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